Friday, March 4, 2016

Why I Want to Become a Teacher

       Why do I want to become a teacher? Well, there are many reasons. First because I want to make a difference in the world and I think teaching is a very important way to make a difference. I have seen what good teachers can do for kids and I want to be able to change lives. I believe in the power of teachers. I believe they can not only teach students academics, but they can teach students how to be better adults. I want to be the difference in a child's life and future.
        I also want to be a teacher to be able to remain close to my kids as I work. I want to show them that education is important and that even when things get hard, you can still do whatever you set your mind to. I want to show my kids that following your dreams is possible and attainable.
       Some of my favorite educational blogs are:

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jimbo said...

I think you will be a great teacher.

Aunt Di said...

I second that, little Brother.

Anonymous said...

How are Hannah and Gracie? :)