Friday, March 4, 2016

Why I Want to Become a Teacher

       Why do I want to become a teacher? Well, there are many reasons. First because I want to make a difference in the world and I think teaching is a very important way to make a difference. I have seen what good teachers can do for kids and I want to be able to change lives. I believe in the power of teachers. I believe they can not only teach students academics, but they can teach students how to be better adults. I want to be the difference in a child's life and future.
        I also want to be a teacher to be able to remain close to my kids as I work. I want to show them that education is important and that even when things get hard, you can still do whatever you set your mind to. I want to show my kids that following your dreams is possible and attainable.
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A New Do For A New School

Sarah's new haircut.
Sarah entered 7th grade and Junior High this year and she wanted to do something different with her hair. I took her to a salon and they not only cut it, but they showed her how to straighten it and how to make it not so poofy. She loves it and I think it's darling (even if she does look much older.)

Straightening her hair after it got cut.
Almost done!
The back! So pretty!

Wait! We Still Own A Wave Runner?!?!?!

We decided to get our wave Runner out again this summer and see if it still worked. It's been a long time since we had it working and we weren't sure if it would run or not. We decided to take it to Utah Lake and to our happy surprise it ran. We blew up the tube and took the kids for a ride and Kenny and I even got to water ski once. It was so wonderful and I'm sure we'll have to get it tuned up, registered, and out in the water next summer.

Pulling Ben and Sarah on the tube.
Hannah and Grace ready for a ride.
Such a beautiful day for fun at the lake.

Mendon Days

Crazy Cousins
My sister-in-laws town of Mendon has their Mendon Days on the weekend closest to the 24th of July. Because we happened to be in Logan I decided to take the kids to Mendon Days with their cousins. It started out with a small parade, followed by the firemen hosing down all the kids with water and foam. After that the kids all played on the bounce houses for hours. It was so much exhausting fun. We finished the night with a spectacular fireworks show. I think we may need to go back next year.

Getting hosed down during the parade.
Adam watching the big firetrucks go by during the parade.
Those firetrucks sure like our cute girls (and Ben too)
Getting all wet from the fire hoses.
Helping Lilly get all wet.
Adam got all wet and therefore cold. Poor boy.

Gracie enjoying the foam.
Riding the horses was a highlight for the little kids.
Adam and Lilly going for a ride.
Dan's turn on the train.
Enjoying the biggest horse.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pioneer Day In Logan

We spent the week of Pioneer Day in Logan. It was a very busy week crammed with lots of fun for everyone. I didn't do very good at taking pictures all the time, but I did get some. We went to the Jump Zone and let the kids jump on the trampolines (that was a blast), we had a pancake breakfast at the park, went to the parade, jumped on grandma and grandpas trampoline, watched fireworks and set off some of our own fireworks. It was a great week for building memories.

Having breakfast
Sarah and Grandma
Jumping on the trampoline before the parade.
Grandpa is lots of fun.
Waiting for the parade.
Cutest little parade watcher ever.
Dan is ready for the parade.
Waving to the people on the floats.
Picking up lots of candy.
Gracie trying out the 3D glasses she got at the parade.
Hannah chilling while watching the parade.
Adam got an American flag during the parade. He was so very excited.
Looking at all their treasures from the parade.
The scouts put flags out in the neighborhood and Ben decided to play with one.
Of course the other kids had to take turns too.
Dan's turn
Adam took a turn but he wasn't strong enough.
Hannah putting the flag away.
The kids checking out the horse behind grandma and grandpa's house.
Riding in the back of the truck is a great summertime memories.
Setting off some of our own fireworks after watching the North Logan city fireworks.
The girls were helping grandpa.
Watching the fireworks.
We love fireworks.